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Introducing AI-Based Auto Alignment of CAD/BIM in Augmented Reality

Introducing AI-Based Auto Alignment of CAD/BIM in Augmented Reality

The Microsoft HoloLens and VisualLive have created a connection between design and construction by using the most advanced augmented reality software. VisualLive has built a foundation for teams to work seamlessly by eliminating drift, all while improving collaboration between remote and on-site workers. This technology is highly important when validating designs during fabrication stages.

VisualLive’s Anchor-Lock Feature

Using Azure Spatial Anchors, VisualLive has created the ability to lock down the alignment of a model both quickly and efficiently. Once anchored, workers are given the ability to continually use a model while it remains stationary. VisualLive apps on both iPad/Android and HoloLens automatically adjust the model placement as soon as a device is near an anchor. Plus, anchors on the cloud allow seamless viewing and editing among different devices and users. Not only that, but VisualLive provides solutions to live-capture areas which may have presented a problem during construction, as well as track the construction progress in real time to keep an entire team updated.

This technology excels with projects involving electrical, mechanical or piping components; as these are highly technical projects that require total accuracy. This has made the partnership an excellent contributor to the construction of Microsoft’s latest Data Center, which is located right in Arizona (click below to learn more).

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AI-based Auto-Alignment with Space Detection

Align a model in the field for the first time to create an anchor and save it to the cloud. Next time you go to the job site VisualLive detects the area automatically and places the model making it like a virtual VL Marker.

Maintain Model Placement Accuracy During Job Walks

Long distance job walks can cause minor shifts in model placement which are automatically fixed by using multiple anchors.

The more anchors that are placed in the field, the more accurate the model position is. VisualLive apps (on both iPad/Android and HoloLens) automatically adjust the model placement as soon as your device is near an anchor.

Shared Between Devices and Project Users

Create anchors on the cloud to use between different devices and users. Online anchors allow anyone with a shared model or project, to save the alignment in the field for first time, and taking advantage of auto model alignment without the limitation of using one device or one account. 


VisualLive’s groundbreaking anchor-lock technology seamlessly prevents drifting and misalignment. Anchor-locks eliminate the need to have multi-markers by memorizing position, rotation, XYZ and all data necessary to place a model. The user is provided with the option to place an unlimited number of anchors, which can further secure a model. Once an anchor has been created, it is saved onto the loaded model for later use (no need to place again!) and anchors can be viewed online through the web portal. Preserving the initial accuracy of a placed model has led to an observable ease in workflow.

Devices use automatic space detection with the anchor-locks to create comprehensive visuals which are “memorized” cross-platform and can be activated for multiple users. As soon as a user walks near a lock, it will activate and snap a placed model into alignment. The innovation of the anchor-locks has brought precision to models across devices, which has led to saving field users time and increasing team collaboration.

About VisualLive

Starting in 2017, VisualLive was the first-to-market Mixed Reality solution for the AEC industry with the release of HoloLive™ for augmented reality glasses, such as the Microsoft HoloLens. After the success of HoloLive™, the same technology was developed to work on mobile devices running on iOS and Android platforms with MobiLive™. HoloLive™and MobiLive™ both work with VisualLive’s Navisworks and Revit plugins. They are integrated with BIM360 and Procore cloud-based solutions.

Today, VisualLive has over 1,500 current customers using both HoloLive™ and MobiLive™ in the construction and manufacturing industry.Try it for yourself by getting a free 14-day trial. For more information using LiDAR with VisualLive and the HoloLens 2, schedule a private demo or call 480-245-7575.

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