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VisualLive on iOS iPAD / Android

Design is in the palm of your hands
MobiLive AR on iOS showing mechanical BIM

MobiLive™ CAD/BIM Mixed Reality Solution on iPad and Android Devices

Push your BIM designs to handheld portable devices with a few simple clicks. Designed for AEC Architecture, Engineering and Construction.

VisualLive’s MobiLive™ provides users with a powerful Mixed Reality / Augmented Reality (AR) experience on a wide variety of available portable devices. MobiLive™ allows you to bring your 3D BIM on site. Designed for use on iOS devices iPAD and iPhone as well as Android devices and tablets, MobiLive is the most advanced solution for augmented reality in the construction industry.

With VisualLive Augmented Reality on your mobile device you can experience your BIM designs in the field in true 1:1 scale to bring the virtual world into the jobsite using our Revit and Navisworks plugins. Your BIM is locked down to it’s real-world location so you can freely walk around the model and explore it from all angles. Our layer management features allows you to hide or isolate specific model content layers. Orbit mode allows you to navigate through your BIM model with intuitive gestures to zoom and rotate your model while the location tracker will also allow you to easily see your location in context to the entire project. As you navigate through the project, the radar will track your position and viewing perspective. ​

MobiLive™ measurement tool has the ability to seamlessly measure the bim in construction phase between model and real-word content. Giving you tools to understand the full context of the project with your virtual tape measure. You can scale down your model at any time and place it on a table as a virtual mock-up.

MobiLive™ in Action

  • Revit and Navisworks plugins are included
  • Place your 3D live design model true scale on-site coordinate
  • Share your design/model files to other users remotely for collaboration
  • Integration with Microsoft Remote Assist
  • View and interact with your model information, parameters, and properties
  • Sync your models with HoloLens for offline access in the field
  • View your 3D modelling in construction with finished textures and materials
  • Procore and Autodesk BIM360 Integrations

Document Viewer in MobiLive™

Visualize Designs On-Site in True Scale with MobiLive™

  • AR Mode – Visualize your design in true 1:1 scale
  • Virtual Mock Up – Scale down slider for table-top presentation
  • Layers – Isolate geometry and turn on/off model groups
  • Issue Tracking – Capture design discrepancies against reality
  • Markups – Add notes on issues and send to design team
  • Navigate Mode – Virtually walk in your 3D BIM
  • Measurement – Measure point-to-point od design and reality
  • Properties – View building model information
  • Sync – Save up to 5,000 models locally on devices

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Anchor-Lock Feature: Auto Alignment of CAD/BIM model in the field with Cloud-Based Anchors 

Are you interested in learning more about MobiLive PRO version?

  • Project Management Tools
  • Facility Management Tools
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Virtual Design Construction Tools

with professional VDC/Collaboration/Project Management/Facility Management tools

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Experience HoloLive for yourself. Get a free trial of our AR app with free download of our Navisworks and Revit plugins. 

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Popular Features

Push Revit / CAD / Navisworks models to HoloLens with a few clicks

Pro Features

Track installation progress in real-time

Display model meta-data

In-app problem reporting

Alignment Tools

Multiple realignment options

Quick drag tool

Automatic model realignment

Recommended Standard

Accurate model placement

Instant virtual measuring tape

Offline use solution


Fully integrated with BIM360® and Procore®. Communicate seamlessly to your team and pre-existing project management software.

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