Video tutorial to get started on the VisualLive Navisworks Plugin

Using the Navisworks Plugin with VisualLive.

To begin, login into the VisualLive (VL) plugin using your email and password.

Once logged in, you will need to name your model inside the VL plugin.

VL Markers: Next, enter a description of your model. The Description Field is not required but it is beneficial to help distinguish information between other models.

Placement: VLMarkers Next, you will place your positional markers (VLMarkers) within the model. Place the VLMarkers on appropriate vertical or horizontal surfaces such as a door, corner or wall for best accuracy.

Two-Point Placement: Another option is Two-Point Placement, this allows you to find two corners in close proximity to each other such as edges or corners. Doorways or pre-defined survey/control points work best.

Push Model: After the placements have been accomplished, the mode is now ready for viewing. Select the “Push Model” option button.

Modes: Next, a second pop-up window will appear which gives you the option to select VL or Native. (Note, in Native mode, you will not receive properties of PRO features within the model) The VL extraction method is the default extraction method.

The LOD number that you choose will be dependent on the selection tree. The further down the LOD tree will become less grouped the model will be.

Model Upload Method: You can choose between Cloud, Device or FTP Server. The Cloud option is the default.

Once the upload is successful, a pop-up window will appear giving you the option to either Print or Download you VLMarkers.

Optional – You can also select print markers but selecting the drop-down menu under Upload Methods to select other print markers.