Remote Assist with VisualLive

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Webinar signup

The webinar has ended. Stay tuned for the replay video of the event.

In this live webinar, VisualLive Saeed and James will be presenting how you can use Microsoft Teams and Remote Assist 365 to continue your work while adhering to social distancing requirements. You will learn how to display the jobsite visualization with BIM overlay in real-time. 

We all need to work together to limit staff interactions to safely distance employees during these challenging times.

VisualLive allows teams to livestream their BIM to everyone involved in the project for real-time collaboration and continual improvement while maintaining safe physical separations.

  1. Featuring 2-way audio and video communication
  2. Available on both HoloLive and MobiLive apps from VisualLive
  3. COVID-19 | Avoid field activity – Stay safe at home while connected using Remote Streaming


VisualLive includes numerous features that provide individuals and teams to dramatically increase efficiency, productivity and accuracy even while working safely from home.

Date: 04/21/2020, 11 am PST / 2 pm EST


Eldon Parry, Apollo Mechanical, Senior Project Manager

Saeed Eslami, VisualLive, Founder and CEO

James von Lutzow, VisualLive, Industry Expert



  1. Introduction to the team and guest speaker. (11 am PST)

         Guest Speaker:

    • Eldon Parry (Apollo Mechanical, Sr Project Manager)             

         VisualLive Speakers:

    • Emaleigh Shriver (Host)
    • Saeed Eslami (CEO)
    •  James von Lutzow (Industry Expert)
  1. Overview
    • What you can do while still working from home or different locations
    • How to work remotely with Microsoft Teams and mobile devices
    • How to continue working with Remote Assist and the HoloLens
  2. Microsoft Teams and mobile devices with VisualLive
  3. Microsoft Remote Assist with VisualLive and the HoloLens 2
  4. Summary
    • Next steps
    • Q&A session

Watch it in action!