How Augmented Reality is Creating the New Technology Driven Construction Jobsite

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The future jobsite in today’s construction sites are changing dramatically and dynamically. The use of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) has revealed the need for the immersion of Mixed Reality / Augmented Reality software and hardware in the construction industry. Gone are the days where temporary mock-ups standing in for the real structures to see if they’ll work only to find out later, they won’t, which will require costly rework that will dramatically impact the project schedule and budget constraints.

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Bringing Virtual Design to Today's Construction Jobsite

Today, we are able to visualize and experience the virtual design in full scale on the actual location where it matters most. We’re able to immerse ourselves inside the Building Information Modeling (BIM) as we walk through the models and explore virtually every detail of the engineering and design on the jobsite.

Before the use of Mixed Reality, simple design flaws could shut down a project for days, weeks or even months while architecture, engineering and design teams rework impact conflicts and reschedule fabrication, subcontracting and installation schedules. Now communication between the design personnel and the building teams can view, collaborate and solve issues instantly from within Mixed Reality devices and applications.

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Technology is rapidly becoming more user-friendly allowing end-users and a non-technical workforce to embrace Mixed Reality / Augmented Reality in their workflow to help identify and eliminate problems in real-time. The benefits are immense. 

VisualLive’s Augmented Reality applications enables users to easily load their CAD / BIM designs to Mixed Reality devices such as the Microsoft HoloLens and mobile devices and place it on the real location with true scale.

Virtual Design Construction (VDC) professionals can continue working in Revit and Navisworks 3D modeling software solutions with VisualLive’s plugins for these applications. This allows VDC and Preconstruction Manager’s the ability to push their BIM into true scale interactive virtual models in only a few clicks of a mouse.

Augmented Reality on Wearable Devices:

Using simple alignment features, 3D models can quickly be snapped into their proper location out in the field, enabling you to see exactly how the designed content will fit within your physical space. Mixed Reality drastically streamlines build schedules with features such as progress and install tracking which allows the people in the field to assign and complete attributes to stakeholders in real time through the HoloLens AR headset using HoloLive™.

With the model loaded, users can freely walk through the design, checking openings and tolerances within the true space that these systems will occupy. Routing issues can be quickly identified and fixed before they can become a costly issue later in the project.

Today, Augmented Reality technology is allowing installation and maintenance technicians to identify individual equipment requirements and service orders within the AR applications for real-time reporting and document assignment in the field.

Facility Management Tools in Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality on Mobile Devices:

With MobiLive™ you have the same control over your 3D BIM and model elements as found in HoloLive™ but with instant access and portability with common iOS and Android mobile devices. 

Mixed Reality allows the placement of the same full-scale designs and models to be scaled down and placed in convenient location for presentations and discussions.

VisualLive’s app includes Navisworks and Revit plugins and integrates with BIM 360 and Procore cloud-based solutions as well as other project management tools for real-time facility management, collaboration, and documentation.

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About VisualLive
Starting in 2017, VisualLive was the first-to-market Mixed Reality solution for the AEC industry with the release of HoloLive™, for augmented reality glasses such as the Microsoft HoloLens. After the success of HoloLive™, the same technology was developed to work on mobile devices running on iOS and Android platforms with MobiLive™. Both products works with VisualLive’s Navisworks and Revit plugins and is integrated with BIM360 and Procore cloud-based solutions.

Today, VisualLive has over 1,500 current customers using both HoloLive™ and MobiLive™ in the construction and manufacturing industry.