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VisualLive Featured on Spar3D

VisualLive is pleased to announce our front-page feature on SPAR 3D! SPAR 3D specializes in reporting on 3D technology solutions that can be applied to commercial industries, and are best known for featuring news and resources through their online articles.

The Microsoft HoloLens (and its second generation HoloLens 2) has been the darling augmented/mixed reality product focused on enterprise – most often applied in manufacturing and industry, but also branching out into partnerships in the architecture, engineering and construction space. VisualLive, a mixed reality solutions platform that uses the HoloLens within the global construction industry, was launched in with the aim of improving construction workflows. If augmented reality could be used to break down the barriers between the office and the construction site, there was the potential for enormous ROI…

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Carla Lauter | SPAR 3D

About VisualLive

Starting in 2017, VisualLive was the first-to-market Mixed Reality solution for the AEC industry with the release of HoloLive™ for augmented reality glasses, such as the Microsoft HoloLens. After the success of HoloLive™, the same technology was developed to work on mobile devices running on iOS and Android platforms with MobiLive™. HoloLive™and MobiLive™ both work with VisualLive’s Navisworks and Revit plugins. They are integrated with BIM360 and Procore cloud-based solutions.

Today, VisualLive has over 1,500 current customers using both HoloLive™ and MobiLive™ in the construction and manufacturing industry.Try it for yourself by getting a free 14-day trial. For more information using LiDAR with VisualLive and the HoloLens 2, schedule a private demo or call 480-245-7575.

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